​Our mission is to empower you to engage your audience.

Nicki Fitz-Gerald training. ©Francis Augusto

Our 5 guiding principles:


We are committed to reversing the trend that makes video as complex and impenetrable as possible.

Our aim isn’t to to look and sound clever. It is to ensure our clients get the right training, strategy and implementation to enable you to make their own videos.


In today’s diverse media environment there are more ways than ever to get your message out.

Video is a powerful tool. It’s easy to create and can be shared just about everywhere online. We offer expertise and training from story telling to editing.

In the wrong hands, it is all too easy to use video in an unexciting and non engaging way.

No matter what your video goals are we can help you obtain true innovation.

3.Community focus

Our primary interest is to help you tell your story and gain maximum impact.

Our thinking is never compromised by thoughts of profit or gain unlike commercial companies.


Every client is different, requiring a different mix of our services and expertise. Consequently we don’t subscribe to any dogma about how we should work together. Instead we build individual teams to work with our clients ensuring they get the services they need, not an off the shelf service designed to make a profit.


We are passionate about what we do but the real proof of our passion resides in our greatest asset and our greatest investment, our people; that’s you; the words you speak and the actions you take to make a difference to others.

We’re keen to listen to you, to hear your stories and the things you do and see how we can work together to tell your stories for the world to hear.

Our Team of Glowworkers

Nicki Fitz-Gerald

Georgina Bolt

Bob Snarey