Live Streaming

You have a TV station in your pocket!

Via your Twitter and Facebook you can present a live video show to your community, or the world, and interact with viewers as they send comments onto the screen.

Demo of live streaming


You could be the host of a weekly news round-up, a tour around the area, interviews or news conferences. And as Facebook prioritises 'live' ahead of standard video, still images or text, the engagement you are likely to get more than you are used to.

Our Live Streaming Worksops are run by radio a well known TV broadcaster who saw that many techniques that he’s used and taught before, are equally as relevant for those live-streaming for the very first time. He will talk through some case studies of how news reporters (including community journalists) are using the platform, and show you how to get started: for example - what to show, what to say, and what kit to use.

The production and the presentation of live-streaming will include a hands-on session, so it will be good if you are able to have some of the apps downloaded onto your phone, and opened in your account, in preparation: Facebook, Twitter, Periscope. Also make sure that you have plenty of battery (or bring a charger), and storage on your device to download your finished video.

Don’t panic, you won’t actually go ‘live’ in this session unless you want to as we’ll try out the apps in a ‘private’ environment!

Is Live broadcasting right for you?